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Pistons Links: Stan Van Gundy’s warm words for Brandon Jennings and Andre Drummond’s free throw routine

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NBA: New York Knicks at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Our Detroit Pistons look to hit 4-1 on the season as they visit the Brooklyn Nets later today. Fresh off a fairly easy thirteen point win against the Knicks on Tuesday evening, I’d think another less than difficult victory should be in store for the Pistons against the rather hapless 1-3 Nets. Gosh, writing hapless, 1-3 and Nets all in a row is a total pile on — pretty much a triple whammy as triple whammies go. However, I do have a subtle feeling that this is a "trap" game of sorts, even though it’s way too early in the season for trap games to exist.

The Pistons could be overconfident since things are going so well for them these last three games; A face-plant could be on the horizon. It would make complete sense because, like I said, it’s the Nets. They’re 1-3. They’re hapless. Probably utterly hapless. And, as a bonus pile on, the Nets’ starting power forward this season is Trevor Booker.

Anyway, let’s go forth and check some links.

SVG credits ex-Piston Jennings for franchise's turnaround

Before the Knicks game Stan Van Gundy had some comments on Brandon Jennings:

"Basically, he saved our season two years ago. I mean, absolutely saved it," Van Gundy said prior to Tuesday’s game against the Knicks. "We were headed nowhere, things were going very badly and we made a couple of roster moves but he just took over.

"Played probably the best stretch of basketball over 10-12 games that I've ever had anybody play and I've had good players, and probably the best 10-12 games of his career. He was fantastic, turned our season around and got us headed back toward to competitiveness."

It’s quite possible that SVG would have gone bonkers insane (yes, bonkers insane) if it weren’t for Jennings.

"He saved my sanity on top of everything else and I couldn't have gone many more weeks at the way we were going," Van Gundy said. "It became fun to coach that team again; it really wasn't for the first third of that year. Probably the worst coaching experience I had had to that point and then Brandon's energy is a huge part of it.

"He just turned it around to where it was fun to go out there every day for me and so even on a personal level I really owe him a lot."

Andre’s baby steps at the line, hopefully

Before the Tuesday game against the Knicks, Andre was sitting at a tolerable 8-16 from the charity stripe. As many of you may have noticed watching these early games (if you don’t purposely look the other way when Andre shoots freebies, that is), Andre has a new routine at the stripe.

Drummond, who shot an NBA-worst 35.5 free-throw percentage during the 2015-16 season, now goes through a series of steps that involve him walking to mid-court, relaying a few words to himself and then stepping to the line.

"It's a mental thing," Drummond said. "I did it for the first time in the preseason and it really worked. I still say the same words to myself at the free-throw line, but I found it really helped me relax. So I started doing it for the rest of the season right now."

Now, post-Knicks game, he’s 9-21 on the season. That’s a 1-6 stumble.

How Andre responds against the Nets should tell us a lot about where he is at mentally. Keep strong with the routine, big guy.

Thibodeau disciples Rose, Noah rip Knicks ‘D’ after ugly loss

New York Post writer Marc Berman didn’t hold back in describing the clinic Marcus Morris gave Melo (bold is my emphasis).

In taking a 64-55 lead, the Pistons found Andre Drummond inside for hoops against a variety of defenders as he scored eight points with nine rebounds in the half. Smith, filling in for injured point guard Reggie Jackson, broke down the defense to the tune of 10 points and eight assists, and Morris abused Anthony, racking up 22 points, making 9 of 14 shots.

Knicks nonexistent on defense in 102-89 loss to Pistons

Apparently Knicks’ president Phil Jackson has been providing triangle tutorials to players.

Courtney Lee, who was the student to Jackson's triangle tutorial Monday, responded with seven points in 29 minutes.

I’m not sure whether the author is being sarcastic or what, but for the sake of Knicks nation (I should be nice to the Knicks since I was so mean to the Nets, no?), let’s hope for better responses in the future than a seven-point outing on 3-7 shooting from a key player.

The Palace, Downtown Detroit and why the Pistons had to move

For nearly 50 years, since the riots in 1967, Detroit sports fans have been programmed to attend sporting events and leave. The Eight Mile barrier was definitely in place for both for decades. When the Lions left Tiger Stadium, there was a similar mindset about the Silverdome. It was go the game - and leave. It is not like the Silverdome did much for Downtown Pontiac. During the early years of Comerica Park and Ford Field, it was more of the same.

Downtown Detroit has made considerable progress. Comerica Park and Ford Field have eventually had the desired impact. Quicken Loans, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, and other business have brought influx of jobs into Detroit. Millennials, many raised in the suburbs, have moved into pockets of Detroit. Their ideal isn’t a nice place in the suburbs with lots of land as much as a thriving city. The Baby Boomers and Gen Xers have adjusted, too.


Pistons vs. Nets or Cubs vs. Indians? Just admit it (it’s OK), many of you will be doing some big league cheating on the Pistons tonight.

Editor’s Note: The editor will be doing no such thing, and encourages Pistons fans not located in Ohio or Illinois to watch Pistons-Nets.