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DBB Podcast: The Start of the Season

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Jordan, Ben and Quags review the start of the season for the Pistons. Plus players, good and bad. Haircuts, good and bad.

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DBB podcast

For the first regular season episode, Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker are joined by Ben Quagliata (“Quags”), the notorious Aussie Pistons fan, to talk about some basketball.

The episode talks about the first three games in order and previews the next three games. Starting with the season opener against the Raptors (2:45). Ben starts with his overall impressions after the first game. He continues to talk about Tobias Harris and his quality start to the season (4:10).

Quags picks up on the Raptors (5:50) and talks about what he wants to see while Reggie is out. That in turn brings up a conversation about Ish Smith, his shooting (mIshes), and comfort in the offense (7:05). Ben also talks about the other new point guard, Ben Udrih (8:10).

Leaving the Raptors game, Jordan wants to discuss what to take away from DeMar DeRozan’s big night (9:00). That leads into the frustrating play of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (10:50).

Moving onto the Orlando game (14:45), an improved team effort helped the Pistons get their first win of the season! Ben gives his major takeaways and the conversation continues about the solid point guard play (16:20).

The focus turns to the Magic and trying to evaluate the team thus far (19:15).

Moving onto the Bucks (21:20), and just another day at the office for Andre Drummond (22:20). Ben discusses the slow start for Stanley Johnson (26:00). A conversation about the bench ensues, including Quags talking Baynes (30:35).

Quags gets a chance to talk about another favorite, Mr. Dellavedova (33:05). Then, it wouldn’t be a Pistons-Bucks game without spotlighting Greg Monroe and his dwindling role in Milwaukee (34:20). That turns into a larger conversation about how the Bucks plan to play this season (38:35).

Next is some big picture questions about the Pistons. Can the first three games prove a reversal of outcomes for the Pistons (42:30)? Then, a look ahead to the upcoming schedule (45:25). Jordan also has words of wisdom for Ish Smith (48:30).

The episode ends with fan questions! Quags reads fan queries captured from DBB Game Threads and Twitter (50:05). Of course, it’s about Beno and Baynes’ hair. Baynes is the focus of another question, and Jordan pushes Quags to consider his future in Detroit (54:45).

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