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Andre Drummond stays late to work on his free throws

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Drummond missed free throws that could have forced overtime

NBA: Houston Rockets at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond was not happy with his performance at the charity stripe in Monday’s loss to the Houston Rockets so he decided to do something about it.

While his teammates cleaned up and headed home after another deflating defeat, Drummond remained on the floor, still in his jersey, practicing his free throws.

By all accounts, Drummond was hitting around 80 percent in this post-game session.

Drummond was at the line 45 minutes earlier in an unfamiliar position. At the line with a chance to tie the game with just seconds remaining. His coach left him in for rebounding knowing the risk that he would be intentionally fouled, and the Rockets did just that.

Drummond missed both. He was also 1-of-6 overall and just 3 of his last 12. So Andre decided it was time for a little extra work.

Through the team’s myriad struggles and Drummond’s inconsistent effort, his free-throw shooting has been a bright spot. Despite the lack of success the past two games his percentage only dropped to 47.6 percent, which, believe it or not is a huge 12-point jump from last season.

In his quest to remake his broken foul shot, Drummond used virtual reality in the offseason to help with positive reinforcement and consistency. He also implemented an extended routine that allows him to gather himself and reset mentally with a long walk from the charity stripe out to half court after every attempt, make or miss.

He’s now right around the success rate that would essentially eliminate hacking, which would allow him to find himself closing out games. And, hopefully, find himself back on the line with a chance to be a difference maker. Next time, perhaps they’ll go in.