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Reggie Bullock out indefinitely with torn meniscus

Just after playing his way back into the rotation, Bullock will miss extended time.

NBA: Preseason-Detroit Pistons at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Bullock left early in Wednesday night’s win against the Miami Heat with an undisclosed knee injury. Well, we have a bit more information today and it’s not good news.

Bullock will be out indefinitely with a torn meniscus. There’s not even a general timeline for his return, as the rehab varies dramatically depending on the course of rehab.

Mike Prada laid out the rehab options in his piece from a Derrick Rose meniscus tear from a couple of seasons ago, basically choosing between repair or removal:

Repairing the meniscus is a difficult surgical process that takes time to heal. Should Rose elect to try to repair the meniscus, he will be out for the season and could be in jeopardy of missing the beginning of next season as well. That's how much time is needed for the tissue to reform. It certainly guarantees nothing -- Rose himself elected to repair the meniscus last time and look what happened -- but it provides the best chance for a long career.


Removing the meniscus entirely would actually give Rose the best chance of returning to the court soonest. Depending on the severity of this tear, he could return in six to eight weeks, allowing him to play in the postseason if he so desires. But it also comes with major long-term consequences: he will play in pain for the rest of his career and that career will be significantly shorter than it would have been if the repaired meniscus held up.

It’s some lousy luck for a player who hasn’t had an easy route for his career. After bouncing between the Los Angeles Clippers and Phoenix Suns, Bullock had just worked his way back into the rotation with the Pistons thanks to his reliable three point shot and tough perimeter defense.

Bullock faces the added pressure of free agency at the end of the season. The Pistons discussed a contract extension with Bullock during the offseason, but couldn’t come to terms. Another season solidifying himself as a reliable three-and-D wing would put him in line for a solid payday - but if he’s out long term, it could have a major financial impact on the young player.

We’ll keep you posted on Bullock’s timetable as more information becomes available.