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Reggie Jackson cleared for full practice, can return when ready

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The Pistons could be getting a huge offensive boost in the next few days, as Reggie Jackson is close to a return.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Jackson has returned to a full practice and should be able to return soon, according to Keith Langlois.

It is now basically up to Reggie Jackson on when he feels comfortable to return.

This is great news for the Pistons, who have struggled mightily on offense this year. They are 24th in the league in offensive efficiency at 100.5 points per 100 possessions. It is one of the key reasons why the Pistons are off to an 8-10 start.

Reggie Jackson has missed all of the team’s 18 games so far recovering from knee tendonitis treatment. The original timetable for Jackson’s recovery was six to eight weeks, and we are now entering week seven.

Ish Smith has done what he can filling in for Reggie Jackson, but his lack of shooting has really hindered the Pistons’ offense in many games. Plus, the Pistons have lacked a go-to scorer down the stretch in a few close games which is Reggie Jackson’s specialty.

Obviously, it will take Jackson a few weeks once he returns to get his stamina back and return to 100 percent. But there are really no negatives to him coming back other than the possibility that he is returning too early. I trust Jackson’s judgment in knowing when he is good to go since he has had this procedure done before.

Reggie Jackson is a better player than Ish Smith and any minutes that he can provide will make the team better. It will also hopefully help Ish Smith by allowing him to settle into the backup point guard role that he was signed to play.