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DBB Pod: Reviewing the Team After 18 Games

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Jordan, Jacob and Laz cover numerous concerns, but still find reasons to be optimistic.

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On this episode of the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast, Jordan Bellant and Jacob Kuyvenhoven are joined Lazarus ("Laz") Jackson to discuss the first fifth of the Pistons’ season.

The episode starts with Laz giving his overall impression of the team through the first 18 games (2:30). Jacob discusses how the team has played and what needs to change for the offense (4:30).

Laz picks up on how Reggie Jackson's return can help the ailing offense (5:45). Focusing on the three ball, Laz and Jacob talk about what is the main reason behind the team’s poor shooting (7:05).

Part of the shooting concerns fall on current starting point guard, Ish Smith. Jordan asks Lazarus if he wants Ish to be the primary backup when Reggie returns (9:55).

One way to improve the offense could be small-ball lineups. Laz and Jacob ponder what lineup would spark the offense (13:10). Although there is the concern about defense and rebounding with small-ball lineups. The Pistons have a current issue with rebounding (14:50).

Jordan’s concern over rebounding and shooting leads to a question about personnel and fit (18:30). Jacob and Laz calm those fears and then Laz offers one thing that is a positive coming from Reggie’s absence (21:00).

Next is a conversation about Marcus Morris and his future role with the team (22:40). If Marcus is moved out of the starting lineup, Jordan asks who moves in (25:00). That leads to questions about Stanley Johnson’s future and Jon Leuer’s current minutes.

The conversation turns to the Eastern Conference and the current playoff picture (30:50). Laz starts by focusing on the teams just ahead of the Pistons (31:30). Jacob compares the same three teams (33:45), and Jordan casts some doubt over the Knicks and Pacers (35:00).

Looking at the teams outside the playoffs, Laz mentions why the Pistons should "Fear the Deer" (36:25). Jacob offers what to expect from the bottom playoff teams in the East this season (38:30).

The podcast wraps with some quick hits the East: Are the Bulls for real (39:50)? Are the Wizards really ‘that’ bad (41:20)? Jacob ends the episode with a question about the best players in the East (44:05).

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