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DBB Podcast: What’s KCP Worth?

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Jordan, Ben and Jamie break down recent games, bizarre outcomes and potential trades

Detroit Pistons v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker are joined by Jamie… Delaney? Delancey? We will let him explain. Jamie comes on to talk about one week of Pistons basketball and the team’s roster going forward.

Starting with the Knicks game (3:50), Ben starts with what he liked from the Pistons’ winning effort. Also, what if the Knicks are just bad (6:10)? Jordan and Jamie talk about the evolution of Carmelo Anthony (8:35) and Ben talks about why the roster doesn’t fit the triangle (10:10). Part of that fit issue with the triangle is the point guard position, and the guys discuss Derrick Rose vs. Brandon Jennings (12:25).

Moving onto the Nets game (15:15), it can really only be described as disappointing and bizarre. It was much to do with Brook Lopez and his three point shooting (18:35). Jamie reminds everyone that the Pistons are used to having weird games in big cities (20:55).

Finally for game reviews, the trio talks about the win over the Nuggets (28:05). The Nuggets conversation translates into a talk about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, better shooting wing players and the disappearance of Gary Harris (31:50).

After Ben beautifully breaks down what he wants from the Pistons’ starting wings, the discussion turns to KCP and his looming contract extension (35:10). Jamie starts by answering if KCP is worth a close-to-max deal. Then, Ben answers about how much is “too much” for a player that doesn’t fit the prototype two-guard for SVG (37:20).

Jordan opens up the possibility of trading KCP at the trade deadline. He offers up the situation that could lead to trading a starter (44:50), and how packaging KCP with Aron Baynes opens up to an interesting market (45:15).

The trade talk starts with the Denver Nuggets (45:50), with Jamie assuming the role of Jeff Bower and explaining his fanboy moment over seeing the team’s GM (47:25). With Ben as SVG, the trade talks continue!

Jordan follows with potential trades for players that formerly played for SVG: Courtney Lee (48:50) and J.J. Redick (50:40).

The next three trade scenarios are enticing, including younger and more skilled players. Like Alec Burks (52:05) and his less-than ideal spot in Utah.

What about Danny Green (53:40)? Ben and Jamie disagree on the former Tar Heel, leading to a conversation about how he would play in Detroit.

Finally, the most intriguing trade candidate in the KCP+Baynes sweepstakes: Tyreke Evans (58:50).

The podcast ends with a sentimental moment (1:02:30). Ben will be on paternity leave from the pod, and Jamie has some breaking news of his own. Ben leaves on one final question (1:05:00).

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