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DBBored Trivia, 1st edition!

Do you ever find yourself pouring over semi-useless stats because, um, you’re bored?

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Are you one of those people who sometimes realizes they are pouring over stats looking for odd connections or interesting trivia just because they have nothing better to do? (This is right where you realize that adding an “L” to trivia gives you “trivial”)

Well I of course am NOT one of those people, but this friend I know is, and he told me this little piece of current trivia:

Three teams in the NBA are currently featuring three 20 points-per-game scorers. Without looking it up can you name all three and the players doing it? Bonus for actually getting the PPG averages too, though I’m not sure you want to admit being that much of an NBA nerd superfan.

Put your answers in the comments section below and DON’T SPOIL IT!!