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Andre Drummond is allowed to root for the Giants, you animals

The Twitter mob goes after Drummond after rooting for hometown Giants against the Lions.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter is the best, but also the worst.

The latest evidence for this truism was Sunday when Andre Drummond had the temerity to root for the team he has been a fan of all his life, the New York Giants, when they played the Detroit Lions.

That rubbed a quite a few misguided, entitled fans the wrong way, and unfortunately, Drummond couldn’t resist getting mired into the Twitter muck, including a now-deleted tweet when the subject moved to his free-throw shooting.

Drummond grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, about 35 minutes away from MetLife Stadium. He’s always been a Giants fan, and this year his team is actually good. Not surprisingly, he was excited to root for the Giants when they faced off against another surprise NFC leader in the Detroit Lions.

It all started innocently enough.

Scrolling through the replied to just that first tweet, I’m again reminded that if I were famous I would never have a Twitter account.

Drummond was called a traitor, told to practice his free-throws, called shameful, told to play for the Nets and the Knicks. The Knicks! Truly a low blow.

after being flooded with blowback for his tweet, Drummond tried to see the humor.

Dre even commented on the several “clever” people who decided the best way to get at him was to mention free throws. Drummond, though, eventually deleted the tweet.

Drummond gets the last laugh, however. His Giants easily outclassed the Lions, winning 17-6 and sit as the No. 2 seed in the NFC. The Lions fell to the fifth seed and have two extremely tough games remaining against the Dallas Cowboys and the resurgent Green Bay Packers.

The moral of this story is ..... well, there isn’t one. Like much of Twitter it’s useless and disposable and occasionally wonderful.

But, seriously, you’re allowed to root for your favorite team. Only a Twitter mob would disagree.