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DBB Podcast: Mailbag Edition

Jordan and Ben are joined by Jamie to answer questions about poor play, KCP and trade targets

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker are joined by Jamie Delancey for a special mailbag episode of the podcast. The episode starts by talking about the team’s recent struggles (2:40) and the major concerns after some poor performances (5:40).

Jordan brings up KCP as a bright spot (12:55); Jamie and Ben discuss his rank amongst other shooting guards in the NBA. Jordan also points out the difference between KCP in wins and losses (16:05).

The next question asks about Jon Leuer as a potential starter (20:20). The question extends to who would Leuer replace: Marcus Morris or Tobias Harris (23:40)?

The attention turns to trades! A mailbag question comparing Andre Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins (27:50) opens up a discussion about Boogie, playing him with Andre and who has the higher ceiling.

Lazarus Jackson sends Jamie a question about Danilo Gallinari: Good trade target or BEST trade target (40:25)?

Chris Robbins asks about teams willingness to trade with the Pistons (41:55).

Jordan closes the mailbag with a question about Paul George and the rumored trade that would bring him to Detroit (44:05). Jordan reworks the deal, making it a little more realistic (52:20).

Jamie offers one name as a trade target: C.J. McCollum (1:02:35). His extension makes it difficult, but the trio talks about trading KCP for C.J.

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