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DBB on 3: Putting on our Santa hats

In the spirit of Old Saint Nick we’re making a list. You’re welcome to check it twice. Gonna find out who’s - well you know the rest.

There are a lot of frustrated fans out there, including a good portion (all?) of the DBB contributors but in the spirit of the holiday season we decided to keep it as light as possible, even though to some the only light may seem like a tiny pin prick in an gigantic black sea of despair. But hey, to each their own, and we decided to put our Santa hats on and get in the Christmas spirit.

1. So you wake up Christmas morning and find that you're Santa himself, with that famous list Santa has meticulously kept for all children, only this list is for the Detroit Pistons franchise. Who or what from this season do you see atop the "Naughty List"?

Ben Quagliata: The doctor that diagnosed Reggie’s tendonitis injury. It just seems to me like something that could’ve been handled a lot earlier and not spilled into the season, but I obviously don’t know all the details.

Jamie Delaney: The starters. I can count on one hand the amount of good games the lineup has played together.

Justin Lambregtse: The effort of Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson. Let's just keep it short and say that I have soured on both players being the "franchise players."

Benjamin Gulker: At the moment, it's hard not to find room for just everyone. I'll go with injuries, though. Obviously, Reggie Jackson still isn't himself and Bullock could really help the bench.

Jason Brunskowski: First, I have to admit I've maybe watched five games (wedding, work, kids, church, etc.). Only one since Reggie returned. So I apologize if I'm way off base. Atop my naughty list would be team arrogance. Maybe you could say it's the entire team, but it seems like they're expecting it to come easy and letting go once it doesn't.

Mike Snyder (Mophatt1): Andre, Reggie, relax - go ahead Santa, give me the coal. I'm the one who who put (seemingly obtainable!) unrealistic expectations on you both. I'm the one who told friends and family to give the Pistons a chance. It's on me and I blame no one but myself. Dre, RJax, that's called accountability with a splash of self awareness.

Ryan Pravato (Prava88): Andre Drummond and Stan Van Gundy -- they are capable of so much better I believe.

David Fernandez: The collective team's ego (including SVG). Everyone just needs to chill, and possibly watch some footage from last season. Your team is good, just go out and play hard.

Jacob Kuyvenhoven: The team hairstylist?

Kevin Sawyer: Reggie. He has been one of the very worst point guards in the league since his return. Honestly, his performance raises serious questions about his conditioning.

Ken Wallace (revken): I am going with a 'what' rather than a 'who' on this one: the tendinitis that afflicted Reggie Jackson, causing him to miss the first 1/3 of the season, which has disrupted the team's play more than I think any of us imagined that it would.

Steve Hinson: Marcus Morris. The whole “calling a team meeting to basically tell the point guard you’re not playing defense unless you get enough shots” move was pretty lousy.

2. Who or what do you find graces the upper line of the "Nice List"?

Ben Quagliata: Jon Leuer. White Men Can Jump. Shout out to Stan Van Bower as well.

Jamie Delaney: The Leuer signing. Ish Smith. The dancing usher. Tees for threes.

Justin Lambregtse: Jon Leuer for sure, I knew he was going to be good, but not this good. KCP as well, I have really enjoyed watching him this year and like the direction his game is heading.

Benjamin Gulker: Leuer and KCP have been the most consistent Pistons of late, so that gets them on my list. It's great to say that about KCP in particular, who's been inconsistent on offense for most of his career.

Jason Brunskowski: My fantasy team has KCP on the nice list (though, it's only 30 games in). Jon Leuer seems like a steal (though I'd love his three point percentage to go up some). But lastly, can we put Drummond's free throws on the list? Up nearly 12-percentage points from last year and near 50-percent which has also limited Hack-a-Dre.

Mike Snyder (Mophatt1): Ish Smith was my guy coming into the season - and still is - but John Leuer deserves all the new toys and everything else in Santa's bag.

Ryan Pravato (Prava88): Leuer, Ish, KCP, Morris (although not lately!)

David Fernandez: Jon Leuer.

Jacob Kuyvenhoven: KCP nominates his agent. Looks like it was smart not to take a below-market extension.

Kevin Sawyer: Leuer. I welcome him to the starting lineup.

Ken Wallace (revken): Jon Leuer is tops on the "Nice List" because he's been better than expected.

Steve Hinson: Rasheed Wallace, for continuing to talk about the Flint water crisis every chance he gets.

3. You, as Santa, can put just one important gift under the Pistons metaphorical Christmas tree to help save the season and the hopes and dreams of all Pistondom... what is it? Please Santa, help us!

Ben Quagliata: Shaving kit for Aron.

Jamie Delaney: CJ McCollum :)

Justin Lambregtse: New hearts for the starters. This team advertises "Detroit Heart," but most of the starters sure as hell do not play with heart.

Benjamin Gulker: I'd settle for a completely healthy team, and Stanley Johnson finding himself again. Also, more Boban!

Jason Brunskowski: RIGHT NOW, at this point, it would be a trade of Reggie or Andre. Andre's lack of defense and mentality honestly concern me, even with him only being 23. Reggie, I've always been on the edge with him. But a trade of either one could bring in a good to great player who may be more consistent or developed all around. But again, we are only 30 games in.

Mike Snyder (Mophatt1): Consistency.

Ryan Pravato (Prava88): Chauncey Billups in his prime..

David Fernandez: Dre miraculously starts to hit 75 percent of his free throws. It'd be nice for him to be able stay in games late in the fourth quarter.

Jacob Kuyvenhoven: Get this team on a plane to Hawaii or something, somewhere where they can chill out. The in-fighting and selling each other out is getting old, and SVG is not exempt.

Kevin Sawyer: Shooting. I honestly think that will require SVG to divorce himself from these non-traditional lineups and go with talent.

Ken Wallace (revken): Reggie Jackson returns to form so that our offense performs at a top-10 level.

Steve Hinson: This pup blowing bubbles in his water bowl!


Let us know who your naughty and nice lists include in the comments below.


Today, no matter where you are, who you’re with or indeed what faith you hold dear,

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from DBB!!

And remember folks, it could always be worse!