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Pistons vs. Cavs final score: Trap game at the Palace, Pistons crush Cavs 106-90

Pistons snap losing streak against defending champs and make it look easy.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Detroit Pistons Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

You heard it here first:

But hey, as the Pistons have seen over the past two weeks, it’s not easy to win in the NBA. Especially against 23-6 teams

Although, there is a certain appropriateness to it. Cleveland gloats:

Karma strikes.

Fortunately, the Pistons were the bringers of that karma tonight. And yes, I know that’s probably not the proper usage of “karma.” But you get it.

The Pistons were absolutely ferocious from behind the arc, knocking down 16-28 from three point range. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope led the way, continuing his breakout season, with 4-6 from three while shooting 7-11 as a whole for the night. He brought 18 points, three rebounds, three assists, and three steals.

Tobias Harris has thrived in his two games coming off the bench, tonight scoring a team high 21 points with six rebounds and four assists.

LeBron James took the night off for rest after the Cavs dramatic win last night against the Golden State Warriors. His absence put the spotlight directly on the lack of depth for Cleveland. DeAndre Liggins and Richard Jefferson combined for two points. They were starters for the defending champions.

Detroit had the ball zipping around pretty well with 25 assists, the fifth highest total for the team of the season.

Personal favorite:

shotty pass

On a night where Tobias is hitting, when the team is scorching from three, when he has an open look, Harris gets his big man the ball with the shottiest pass that’s ever been passed.

Pistons controlled early and aside from a few runs from the Cavs, never really faced a tremendous amount of pressure tonight.

Next up is the Milwaukee Bucks back at the Palace on Wednesday night.


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