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DBB Podcast: The return of Ben, Reggie, and the offense

Jordan Bellant is rejoined by Ben Gulker for a discussion on a 3-1 week of basketball, improving offense and the return of Reggie Jackson.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker are back for a crisp, new episode of the Detroit Bad Boys Podcast. Ben returns just in time to talk about a three-game winning streak, improved play, and a Reggie Jackson sighting!

On this episode, Jordan and Ben run through each of the Pistons’ games over the last week. Starting with the big win over the Hornets (3:05), the back-to-back squeaker against the Celtics (12:35), and the domination of the Atlanta Hawks (20:45).

Then, moving onto the Magic game (37:10) and the return of Reggie Jackson (39:35)! With his return, improved play from KCP could change the workload for Reggie (41:50).

Ben points out the difference in the team’s performance between wins and losses (45:00). Part of that difference remains with the team’s rebounding (52:30) and play of Tobias Harris (55:25).

That leads into a larger conversation about style and scheme. Are the Pistons becoming a “Grit and Grind” team (1:01:15)? More importantly, can this style win in today’s NBA? Listen to find out!

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