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New Detroit Pistons uniform, logo could be unveiled next season

While nothing is confirmed, it appears there will be changes coming to Detroit Pistons uniforms and/or logo.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Are the Detroit Pistons setting up a uniform and logo change? That is the speculation in logo and graphic design circles after Conrad Burry, who follows the athletic design game closely, got his hands on an Adidas catalog full of the designs for the 2016-17 NBA season and Detroit's uniform and logo were listed as TBD -- to be determined.

The Jazz and Kings were also listed as TBD and might be getting primary logo changes. This either means that the three teams are late in resubmitting their old designs or they are in the process of making new ones. It makes sense that the Kings would be unveiling a new logo as they are set to play their first season in a new home arena. The Jazz and Pistons, meanwhile, are looking to make a move back into contention after years of rebuilding and a brand refresh might be in order.

The Pistons primary logo

Detroit Pistons logo

The current logo is a slightly updated version of the classic Bad Boys logo. Detroit went to this logo after the Surge-and X-Games-fueled move to the flaming stallion in the 90s. The move was a welcome one, but nobody will mistake this logo for an all-time classic.

In a completely subjective, but definitive, ranking, ESPN's Zach Lowe ranked Detroit's current logo 28 out of 30.

Burry jumps into further speculation territory after a follower on Twitter noted that in Detroit's current marketing campaign, the players wear Detroit Grind T-Shirts featuring the current logo, but the overlaid typography features the current logo's font in the style of the old-school Bad Boys logo:

This is actually something I've never noticed before. Burry takes the ball and runs with it, mocking up something that could be close to the new logo (though it's all just really speculation).

What would you want to see in a new logo? Simply bringing back the 80s glory? A slight tweak as above? What do you want to see out of the uniforms?