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Detroit Pistons Valentines

Detroit Bad Boys with the romantic assist this Valentine's Day. Cut, Print, Sign, and then turn on the Barry White.

It's the eve of Valentine's Day, and what's that? You say you've forgotten to give that dearly beloved special someone in your life a card that expresses exactly how you feel through lame puns? Well, don't you worry your pretty little head about a thing. Detroit Bad Boys is here to save you from sleeping on the couch with some Detroit Piston Valentines sure to put the sizzle back in your relationship. Just print them, cut them out, then get your game on.*

*Detroit Bad Boys declares entitlement to 5% of the tender sweet loving you receive in conjunction with use of these valentines.


So, there you go. Detroit Bad Boys with the assist. Now, don't screw up your shot or we'll get the rebound.

Comment below with your ideas for next year's batch (it'll be too easy when we draft Denzel Valentine)...