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On this Day: Rasheed Wallace traded to the Detroit Pistons

Celebrate the Sheed-iversary!

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Considering the incredible amount of activity taken up by the Detroit Pistons in the past two days, I thought perhaps was now a good time to pull an old feature out of moth balls. Welcome to another This Day in Pistons History!

Because on this day 12 years ago was one of the most momentous days in Pistons franchise history. Detroit traded a first-round pick (that would become Josh Smith) to the Atlanta Hawks for Rasheed Wallace.

Wallace came to Detroit, proved to be the missing piece and the Pistons won the championship a few months later.

Wallace played only one game for the Atlanta Hawks after being traded there by Portland. He scored 20 points to go with six rebounds and five blocks.

There is no telling what the additions of Tobias Harris, Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton will do for Detroit, but just like in 2004 the franchise views it as the kind of moves that will allow the Pistons to take the next step.

It's time to make the playoffs. Hope the new guys are a quicky study.

Happy Sheed-iversary, everyone!