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Watch Reggie Jackson rip the heart out of the Nets in crunch time

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Reggie Jackson takes over the game to seal the victory for the Detroit Pistons.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The end of the game is Reggie Jackson time. It's fitting that the latest evidence happened in Brooklyn, home to one-time vanity partial owner Jay-Z because this was a Takeover.

And to paraphrase Mr. Carter, The Nets were bringing a knife to a gunfight.

The Nets were up three with 2:15 to go when Jackson imposed his will. He scored the tying basket on a cold-blooded 3-pointer, the go-ahead basket on a nice dish to Andre Drummond under the basket, the stay-ahead basket on an off-balance, 15-foot, one-handed runner and the turn the lights out basket on a slick crossover that led to an improbable floater.

To paraphrase Nas, who penned one of the all-time great response tracks with Ether, Jackson's statement was loud and clear: I. Will. Not. Lose.