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NBA trade rumors: Pistons plan to stick with Ersan Ilyasova and Anthony Tolliver as deadline looms

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The Pistons are rumored to be interested in adding a stretch-4 in free agency, if it's the right fit, but they're content with the two stretch-4s they have for this season.

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With rumors swirling about the Pistons' interest in pursuing the likes of Markieff Morris, Ryan Anderson, Al Horford and Donatas Motiejunas through trade or free agency, many expect the team to make a move during the offseason, if not prior to the deadline. Speculation has mounted on whether Detroit's current stretch-4 duo of Ersan Ilyasova and Anthony Tolliver's roles on the team are in question, but as Jeff Bower relays to the Detroit Free Press' Vince Ellis, Motown is more than happy with Ilyasova and Tolliver, and would be interested in extending their contracts past this season.

Bower goes on to explain that the team's stance on the trade deadline hasn't changed: Detroit won't be active, but should they be involved in any trade talks, rest assured it would be for a major piece, and not a short-term loan or minor rotation piece:

"We're in the beginning life cycle with this group," Bower said. "We're in the stages of where we're just beginning to reap the benefits of our investments in bringing them together and keeping them together to grow."

"That upheaval creates upheaval throughout the locker room," Bower said. "When you do make changes like that, you'd like to think you're doing it for more than just minor, insignificant shuffling.

"Sometimes you need a major shakeup, but usually when those scenarios exist, you have a group you don't think is functioning well and you don't see a long-term lifespan with them."

The Pistons' general manager was quick to reaffirm the team's commitment to continuity, a sentiment echoed by Stan Van Gundy, who has let it be known that Detroit intends to pick up Ilyasova's $8.4 million team option for next season during the summer. Tolliver's current contract is due to end once the Pistons' season comes to a close, but while Motown hasn't verbally expressed their intention to re-sign the 30-year-old forward, it might make sense in retaining the veteran sharpshooter on the roster.

Should the Pistons look to add a stretch-4 to the roster at the expense of Ersan or Anthony? Have your say in the comments below.