Jennings/Monroe/Gordon/Asik Trade

Ron Marshall Trade Machine

Breaking it down:

Pistons receive: Eric Gordon and Shane Larkin

Bucks receive: Omer Asik, Jarrett Jack, Lottery protected 2016 1st round pick from NO

Nets receive: Brandon Jennings

Pelicans receive: Greg Monroe and Jodie Meeks

Why the Pistons do it:

The Pistons get a rental player to replace KCP while he is injured and a potential replacement for Brandon Jennings long term. Gordon's 15mil expires this summer. They get out of Meeks contract one year early.

Why the Nets do it:

They get a player they covet and shed a two year deal in Jack to get more cap space this summer.

Why the Pelicans do it:

They get a long-term, talented center to put next to Davis who can do all of his dirty work. If it turns them around enough to make the playoffs, they can live with losing the pick. Gordon was a FA this summer anyway. Meeks could add depth next year.

Why the Bucks do it:

They get rid of a player who doesn't fit, get a 1st round pick back, and add Asik at a very reasonable salary to take Monroe's place. Jack could replace MCW.

More Thoughts:

I think out of each of the teams, the Bucks are the most likely to say no based on a talent standpoint. This does give them a player that Kidd has already coached in Jack, a serviceable starter at C who is known for defense, and a 1st round pick. Hopefully that's enough to entice them.

(Disclaimer: I honestly don't know much about the players who have never played for the Pistons. If they're hurt or in jail or something, I haven't heard about it.)

What do you think, DBB? Would you do the trade? Who do you think is most likely to say no? I can only put in one poll! You'll have to leave comments I guess.

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