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Andre Drummond's buzzer-beater the longest made NBA shot since 2007

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Your move, Stephen Curry.

The basket in your picture may be closer than it appears.
The basket in your picture may be closer than it appears.
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN, Andre Drummond's 71-foot heave on Monday night against the Raptors was the longest made shot in the NBA since LeBron James hit a miracle 82-footer in 2007. Actually, it tied for the longest in the last 10 years with a former Pistons guard, Jose Calderon!

Drummond's buzzer-beater was impressive regardless of how infrequently he makes shots from the other free throw line. In game circumstances, you see players desperately chuck the ball toward the other hoop all the time and rarely do we see those kinds of shots come even close to going in and count.  It takes the right amount of strength, skill, and luck. Mostly luck.

The NBA record for longest shot, per that same ESPN link above, is Baron Davis' 89-foot bomb while he was with the Charlotte Hornets in 2001.

(Coincidentally, another Charlotte guy and player who dons the Warriors colors in the NBA may be the one shooter who would require the least amount of luck to pull off such a lengthy shot. Yes, Stephen Curry, he who pulled from the P in the mid-court Pistons logo with 18 seconds on the shot clock like it was nothing. He hits beyond half court shots on the reg, and he's been doing it since his Davidson days -- I was actually at the game when Stephen Curry hit a 75-footer against the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2009.)

Anyway... Drummond! Good for him!