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UPDATED: Spencer Dinwiddie is back, baby

Dinwiddie has been sidelined with an ankle injury that has left Detroit with just two healthy point guards.

Spencer Dinwiddie gave fans a late-night surprise Thursday night by announcing that he is, apparently, healthy enough to play after being sidelined for the past month with an ankle injury.

In true Dinwiddie fashion, he didn't simply announce he was healthy enough to play, medically cleared, or anything. In fact, he didn't really say much at all. But there are only so many ways one can interpret this tweet:

UPDATE: But there is an important, correct way, to interpret the tweet, and that is that he is back from a Twitter hiatus. His previous tweet before the one above was "Adios Twitter ... " sent on Jan. 8. Still, he does seem to be close to returning to the lineup, as mentioned below. The original story follows ...

Earlier, it was reported that Dinwiddie and other wounded Pistons (Jodie Meeks, Stanley Johnson, Anthony Tolliver) were able to get in some three-on-three action.

Dinwiddie has only played nine games with the Pistons this season, and he was sent to the D-League for an extended stint once Brandon Jennings was cleared to play. The second-year point guard was able to get 13 games in as a member of the Grand Rapids Drive but was then sidelined with an ankle injury just in time for the Pistons to trade Jennings and open up an avenue for Dinwiddie to see the floor again.

While he is now back, there is no indication Stan Van Gundy would swap out Dinwiddie for current backup point guard Steve Blake. Dinwiddie does, however, provide some important insurance at the point guard position as well as at least give Van Gundy an option if he feels Blake can't hold up defensively on any given night.

Welcome back, Spencer. You were greatly missed.