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Pistons vs. 76ers final score: Took a while, but Pistons close in Philly

Late fourth quarter run leads to Pistons win.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

For the first 35 minutes of this game, it was pretty frustrating. As Chris Daniels put it in the GameThread, it was a Night of Meh-gic. Little broke the Pistons way and the 76ers took a double-digit lead in the second quarter.

Too often, it was reminiscent of last night's game. Sloppy turnovers which the 76ers were able to convert into points, Andre Drummond abused in the paint by guys who had no business doing so in Carl Landry and Elton Brand.

The Pistons used a run before and after halftime to close the gap, but still neither team could come up with stops and take control of the game until Kentavious Caldwell-Pope gave the Pistons a shot in the arm at the end of the third quarter.

After KCP knocked down a jumper to tie the game at 87 with 13 seconds left, Steve Blake came up with a steal and was off to the races with the Pope. Blake got KCP the ball on the elbow just beyond the arc, and he quickly released as time expired to nail the three. From there, the Pistons were off to the races.

They kept the momentum going into the fourth quarter, scoring 15 straight points. Philadelphia tried to rally, but both the talent and scoring gap were too wide.

Detroit finished with 125 points, so almost every Piston starter boasted a nice looking scoring line. In fact, the starting five combined for 106 points - which just might be a season high.

It was on the defensive side of the ball that the poor play showed, as Philadelphia posted a 46/40/85 shooting line. But Detroit controlled the glass, and that may have been the key to the game. The Pistons finished with a 52-36 rebounding edge.

The Pistons close out their road trip on Monday in another game with big playoff implications, heading to Washington to face a Wizards team trying to claw back into the playoff race.


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