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Justin Harper let go after second 10-day contract expired

The Pistons decided not to keep Harper for the rest of the season.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

After Justin Harper signed a second 10-day contract, there was some thought the Detroit Pistons might keep Harper for the remainder of the season. Well, that is not the case according to the terse Stan Van Gundy (quote via the Detroit Free Press):

"His 10 days were up, and we didn't sign him for the rest of the year," Van Gundy said at practice Tuesday in Auburn Hills.

Harper played in five games for the Pistons during his two 10-day contracts, hitting 44 percent of his threes! On nine tries.  Not a bad way to make a quick six figures. We also now have a picture of him in a Pistons uniform, so there's that.

Justin Harper thanked the Pistons on Twitter about four hours ago: