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March Madness: Join DBB's NCAA Tournament pool

You've done all the research, and you've probably already filled out a half dozen brackets, so fill out another quick bracket with your friends here at DBB.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This is late notice, I know, but filling out a bracket should take seconds at this point. I re-upped last year's Detroit Bad Boys March Madness bracket for all of the comment section bragging rights. I don't remember who has the belt right now, but it's most definitely not me.

Here's all you have to do if you're already a member on Yahoo! Head over here. That's Join an existing tourney pick 'em. Pool ID is 132267. [I'm now leaning in real close to your ear like Chip in The Cable Guy] The passsssthworrrrrd isssssth [looks around to see if anyone is listening] drummond.

Again in bigger bold letters:


League ID: 132267
Password:  drummond

You've got about three hours.

See you there.