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NBA playoff picture: Pistons need wins now

Pistons have a great shot at winning some games here in the next week. They'll need them.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons "need" to start winning games. They have a favorable home stretch of four games over the next week that could help them get back into the NBA playoff picture.

Here's how that looks right now (via

With the way the Wizards took care of business the last two games against the two teams immediately in front of them in the standings, you have to take them as a real threat now. They knew what they had to do in those two games and they sent a strong message that they really want to be included in these screenshots going forward. So sorry I left you out before.

The Pistons play the Kings on Friday, Nets on Saturday, the Bucks on Monday and the Magic next Wednesday. All at home. They wrap up their nine-game homestand with the Hornets, Hawks, Thunder and Mavs. Need is a word that needs to be used at this point in the season. The Pistons need wins and these next four games present their best odds. Sure, they can lose a couple of these and still make the playoffs. Mathematically, they could lose all four by an average of 43 points and still make the playoffs. In all reality they may wind up not needing these wins at all, but I'd rather worry about the semantics after they make the playoffs. 14 games left. Each game going forward should be played with the mentality and sense of urgency that it's the one on which their playoff lives depend.

Now your thoughts.