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Pistons vs. Kings final score: Pistons recover from letdown to seal key win, 115-108

The Pistons recover from a third-quarter collapse to salvage an important win.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

For a moment in the early going, it looked like the Detroit Pistons were set to redeem themselves from their lousy showing against the Washington Wizards earlier this week.

They jumped out to a 17-point lead in the first quarter.

Marcus Morris dropped 20 first half points, including shooting six-of-six from three.

But unfortunately, this isn't a team with a terrific amount of focus at this point; their defense faltered out of the half to let the Sacramento Kings back into the game. The Kings closed the gap to just four points to end the third, and stayed in contact through most of the fourth.

It was never much of a great defensive struggle. Both teams were threatening to pass 100 points midway through the fourth quarter, when the Pistons led 99-96.

All it took for Detroit to get enough room to win was a few stops and MFKCP. That's Monthly Farthing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, for the uninitiated.

KCP stepped inside for a great cut from Reggie Jackson to hit an easy layup. Then the ball rotates to KCP for a corner three. Then he gets himself open in the other corner. Just like that, a nine-point lead with three minutes to go.

DeMarcus Cousins tried to do the superstar thing to pull his team back. He drew some fouls to get to the line, including doing some terrifyingly embarrassing things to earn them - like setting a pick, then grabbing KCP's arm into his crotch to try to make it look like KCP took a cheap shot. He's a ridiculous individual who each day I'm glad is not a player for the Detroit Pistons.

Cousins finished the game with gaudy stats (31 points, 10 rebounds) in a losing, at times embarrassing, effort. DeMarcus Cousins, in a single sentence.

The Pistons pulled Andre Drummond after he earned his fifth foul in favor of Aron Baynes, who teamed with Reggie Jackson to seal the win.

The win puts Detroit back to even with the Chicago Bulls for the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference. But they stand a great opportunity to jump back in front by hosting the Brooklyn Nets tomorrow night while the Bulls host the Utah Jazz. Tip is at 7 Eastern y'all.


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