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Watch Hannibal Buress pitch Hack-A-Center to teams that are "garbage, play small ball and can't guard" Andre Drummond

Hannibal Buress would like to have a word with you via new Funny or Die video. "You're a grown-ass man playing freeze tag, but whatever."

Comedian Hannibal Buress has the perfect product for teams who can't stop Andre Drummond -- Hack-A-Center. Their slogan? "Destroy a game that everybody loves."

Choice quotes:

"Cuz your team is garbage, plays small ball and can't guard a true center?"

"Sure it makes the game boring and unfair as hell, but how else are you going to cheat?"

"You're a grown-ass man playing freeze tag, but whatever."

"We can't always guarantee that he'll miss but we can guarantee that fans will hate your guts."

The new video is the latest in the partnership between Funny or Die and the Detroit Pistons. Previously, the Pistons and the video network produced "The Longest Oop" series to get people hyped for the season, "The Backboard" a mock game show hosted by Lamorne Morris featuring Detroit Pistons players, and I believe they had a hand in the great "Jumpman" Barack Obama supercut and a video starring Michigan natives Steven Yeun and Sam Richardson designed to get Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson into the All-Star game.