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In the memetime: Reggie Jackson and John Wall

It's been a while since we've given you an opportunity to put words to pictures and figured we could all use a bit of humorous diversion considering all the ups and downs we've been through recently. It's time. Memetime.

Ned Dishman/NBA/Getty Images
Ned Dishman/NBA/Getty Images

You guys know the routine by now: we put up a picture, you guys come up with a caption. 

Ned Dishman/NBA/Getty Images

I'm not sure this needs more prompting. John Wall. Reggie Jackson. These two have history, words have been said, chips have been found themselves firmly on shoulders, or lately shoulder (?).

So DBB, give us your best, your worst, your mediocre may even do for some of the sharper minds out there. As always the winner will be chosen by the caption/meme that receives the most rec's and in so receives the accolades of his or her peers.

Have at it!