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Pistons Links: Aron Baynes highlights, George Karl on Andre Drummond, plus the East's clutch teams and players

Any time is a good time for some Baynes love. Links ahead!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Hope the weekend wasn't too torturous for you folks out there, especially the Spartan fans among us. On to the links.

Aron Baynes scores career-high 21 points (highlights) -- Detroit Sports Nation

Watch those highlights, folks!

"I said earlier in the year, long before tonight, he's been more than we expected," Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy said following the game. "Some of you (reporters) tell me, some of our fans on the comment boards don't like him. I don't know what they're watching, but the guy plays very, very hard consistently, gives great effort, has good skill."

George Karl loves Pistons' ‘old school' Andre Drummond -- Sacramento Bee

For what it's worth:

"I love his old-school attitude," Karl said. "I love him to be in the paint, love him to be on the tip of the rim, love him to get hit and bumped and grind. I mean it's old school - it's back to the '60s almost."

"He's this big monster that just puts himself in danger," Karl said. "I don't know how many times he gets hit in the game. He's just always moving right to the rim; he's always fighting for rebounds; he's always being a good defender."

Best clutch shooting teams and players in the Eastern Conference -- CBS Sports

Good stuff from last Thursday -- get to it if you haven't stumbled across it yet.

Providence Star Kris Dunn Walks to the Beat of His Own Drum -- Stack

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry, but Andre Drummond and Kris Dunn had concocted a seemingly can't-miss dream scenario.

Why the NBA is unlikely to issue stiff penalty in Dwight Howard's Stickum controversy -- Yahoo! Sports

Let's see what comes of this Stickum thing -- not worried about it so far though.

The use of Stickum - or something similar - is not uncommon. Some players use Q.D.A., a quick drying adherent used to keep tape on player's feet and ankles. Howard says he has been using Stickum for five years. Several players and coaches told The Vertical they have no issue with Howard or any other player using a Stickum-like substance, provided it doesn't affect the game ball, like it did in Atlanta.

Bold is my emphasis:

"Stickum," an NBA head coach told The Vertical, "hasn't helped Dwight shoot free throws."

More importantly, was that "NBA head coach" the Pistons' very own Stan Van Gundy? Would be great if it was -- except that his current star big man is still sub- 50% 40% from the free throw stripe, so in my eyes it kind of lessens the overall solid dig on Dwight. Alas, we will probably never know who said it.


I'm going with the Pistons over the Bucks Monday night in a close and less than spectacular performance. But a win is a win.