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NBA playoff standings: Andre Drummond's tip-in keeps Pistons on Bulls' tail

So tight.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The game-winning tip-in by Andre Drummond may very well wind up saving the Pistons' season, but as the standings currently, uh, stand, the Pistons still need some help.

Here's the updated NBA standings after Monday's games:

Can you see? The smallest .001 separates the Pistons from a No. 9 and No. 8 seed. They're also only a half game behind the Pacers.

The Hornets, Pacers, Bulls, and Wizards all won on Monday night. All are off on Tuesday with all but the Pacers returning to action on Wednesday night.

Here are the next three games for the Pacers, Bulls, Wiz and Pistons (and their number of games remaining):

Pacers (12 left): vs. Pelicans (Thur.), @ Nets (Sat.), vs. Rockets (Sun.)
Bulls (13 left): vs. Knicks (Wed. on ESPN), @ Knicks (Thur.), @ Magic (Sat.)
Wizards (12 left): vs. Hawks (Wed.), vs. Timberwolves (Fri.), @ Lakers (Sun.)
PISTONS (11 left): vs. Magic (Wed.), vs. Hornets (Fri.), vs. Hawks (Sat.)

LET'S GO, PISTONS and any team that can help their cause!