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Russell Westbrook calls Reggie Jackson's antics bull****

Westbrook finally remembers Reggie Jackson, calls out his celebration after Pistons beat Thunder in Detroit.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Westbrook was displeased, calling the display bullshit. Steven Adams was having none of it, and had a little chat at the free-throw line. I'm sure the entire Thunder team caught Reggie Jackson's ear at one point.

And while I wasn't there, I'm pretty confident in saying that Jackson couldn't care less.

After outlasting a Thunder team missing Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka while also bolstering his team' playoff homes, Jackson was in the mood to celebrate.

If this was the actions of a player who had helped his team slay one of the NBA's best teams, protected his home floor and is on the verge of getting his squad to the playoffs for the first time in eight years, then I could sort of understand it. If this was about pumping up a crowd who finally had reason to show up and cheer after being one of the more lifeless arenas of the past several years, then I would endorse it.

But let's be real. This was about Jackson beating his former team, who he left on extremely bad terms because he wanted more than to run his own team as opposed to playing third or fourth banana on a championship-level Thunder team.

In the grand scheme of things it was harmless, if it a little silly and ham-fisted. Jackson didn't show anyone up, he didn't get into anybody's face and he didn't get physical with an opponent. He just celebrated a little too hard.

During the game, Adams, no doubt in his most gentlemanly kiwi accent, had some words with Reggie.

After the game, Westbrook did not hide his displeasure with Jackson's display.

For those not keen on watching videos the quote that matters is this: "I thought it was some real bullshit for our team and our organization, I don't like it at all. But it is what it is. We'll see him down the line. We'll take care of that when we get there."

This is a far cry from Westbrook's comments when these two teams first met. When asked about Reggie Jackson's return to OKC after a rocky exit, Westbrook responded, "Who?"

Durant's shade at the time was even more epic, when summarizing how his team beat Detroit: "Steven did a great job on their best player and Andre did a great job on their second best player in Pope and Russ did his job."


Because of that, I'm giving Jackson a pass on this one, but I hope everyone on both sides has gotten everything out of their system. It's time to move on and treat the next matchup like any other. Thankfully, the Pistons have bigger things to play for than a revenge game against someone's former team.