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DBB Podcast: Diagnosing, Analyzing and Hypnotizing the Playoff Run

Jordan and Ben are joined by Hypnowheel to discuss the Pistons' odds of making the playoffs, get deep into Andre Drummond's mindset and much more.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan and Ben are joined by renowned DBB'er Sean Wheeler, better known as Hypnowheel! Sean helps the guys discuss the Pistons as the team nears the finish line of the regular season! The Pistons seem comfortable in the 8th seed, ahead of the Bulls and Wizards. Sean discusses the Bulls' issues down the stretch, Ben focuses on the Wizards and Jordan reminds everyone of the playoff tie-breakers!

The conversation turns to the team's recent play. The Pistons have played well, post-trade deadline, and took advantage of their extended home stand. Is it enough to get into the playoffs? Sean breaks down the team's perceived up-and-down performance.

Andre Drummond becomes the topic of conversation; Sean helps us understand the complexities of Drummond's trouble at the free throw line. The hypnotherapist applies his knowledge to Drummond's (sometimes literal) shortcomings at the line. Ben and Sean dive into some sports psychology, helping us all better understand the pressures of the game.

Looking into the future, Sean and Ben discusss what it will take for the team to compete in the near future. Sean and Ben also go back-and-forth on current playoff match-ups and the value of Kentavious Caldwell Pope.

Also, keeps your ears open for the podcast debut of little Sienna Wheeler!

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