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Kevin Durant blasts Detroit, Reggie Jackson: 'Who cares about Detroit?'

" ... our whole team didn't play. We'd have beat the hell out of them if we did, you know?"

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

While it seemed the hostility between Reggie Jackson and his former team would have to wait until Detroit and Oklahoma City met up again next season, Kevin Durant has decided to escalate the war of words.

Durant called Jackson's antics "bush league," said he was "pissed" and that if he and Serge Ibaka played they would have "beat the hell out of" Detroit. He also said he was OK with sitting out the game because, "Who cares about Detroit."

Asked about the Thunder's 88-82 loss to the Pistons on Tuesday, Durant had some pointed words, courtesy of Erik Horne of The Oklahoman:

Asked about the decision to rest Durant in the second game of a back-to-back and whether he was OK with the move, Durant said, "I definitely wanted to play. I wanted to play against Detroit for sure, but ... you know. It's Detroit. You know, who cares about Detroit?"

Then, asked about the celebratory lap around the court that Jackson took after the Pistons had ensured their victory, Durant was blunt:

"It was bush league, in my opinion. Jumping up and down, running around ... I understand you helped them win the game, but our whole team didn't play. We'd have beat the hell out of them if we did, you know. I know I don't talk like that but it pissed me off. What can I do about it? Some guys are who they are. They won the game. Congrats."

Emphasis added.

Can't way to see you next year, Kevin!

Here is full video of Durant's comments, again courtesy of Horne: