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Pistons vs. Blazers final score: Detroit grabs big win over Portland, 123-103

The firepower of Portland's backcourt wasn't enough, as Pistons put together a team effort to grab a much needed win.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

Let's say it's 5:59 pm, and you show up in my living room, as the ghost of Pistons future. I aplogize for looking dumbfounded, but the Lakers just beat Golden State and I've been questioning universal truths for the past half hour. You tell me that in tonight's game vs. the Trailblazers Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum will score 26 and 22 points each. I'll probably say, "ouch, the Pistons will probably lose again."

In the words of Blaha, not so fast.

Yes, the talented Trailblazers backcourt got their points, but no one else did - and that is why the Pistons grabbed a 123-103 victory at the Palace on Sunday night.

The Pistons did everything right to start off the game, shutting down Lillard and McCollum for most of the first quarter, establishing a lead that never dwindled to less than four. As has been tradition over the past few weeks, the Pistons starters played excellent, and were the driving force behind this victory. Reggie Jackson put together his best game in recent memory, with 30 points, 9 assists and only one (1) (uno) (one more than zero) turnover for the entire game. Reggie was making all the right decisions in driving the offensive, and had the right mix of aggressiveness and facilitator going.

And despite getting dissed and almost yanked earlier in the game, even SVG had to give props when all was said and done.

Reggie getting daps from SVG

Reggie getting daps from SVG

Besides Reggie, it was the usual mix of things DBB loves to see. Drummond getting his 53rd (!!!) double-double on the year, and even an assist as an offensive highlight.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was hustling all over the court for fast break points and free throws, even while he still gets his offensive sea legs under him. Marcus Morris and Tobias Harris continuing to build an incredibly fun two-man chemistry. All things said, it was a solid Sunday for the Pistons.

If you want me to really nitpick - sure, this victory maybe could've felt more secure. And there were some possesions where our defense looked Titanic-esque, but it was still a 20 point victory, and a much-needed one in this Premier League-esque race for 8th.

The Pistons don't play again till Wednesday against Dallas (*cringes at more than 2 days rest Pistons*). And now, your comments.