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NBA playoff standings: Pistons get no help on off days

Pistons remain half a game behind the Bulls.

Leon Halip-USA TODAY Sports

After the Pistons pulled off a big 20-point win against the Portland Trail Blazers on Sunday, the Pistons had a couple days "off" before a four-game road trip. On those off nights, it looked like the Pistons might get some help in the Eastern Conference playoff picture, but unfortunately, that did not happen.

Here is how the standings look going into Wednesday night's slate of games:


As you can see, no movement from Sunday. The Chicago Bulls played without Jimmy Butler on Monday, but still took care of the underachieving Milwaukee Bucks by 10. The Indiana Pacers took advantage of a Pop-less San Antonio Spurs in a 99-91 win on the same night. Charlotte also won, using a strong third quarter to down the Minnesota Timberwolves.

On Tuesday night, the Pistons did get a little help from the Portland Trail Blazers taking down the Washington Wizards in OT. The Wizards had a two-point lead late, but C.J. McCollum forced OT where Damian Lillard handled the rest (with a lot of helpful misses from Marcus Morris' brother Markieff). That put an extra half game between the Pistons at No. 9 and the Wizards at 10.

We'll start to keep a closer eye on the scores around the league going forward, but the biggest concern is obviously the Pistons taking care of their own business. Their four-game road trip starts on Wednesday night in Dallas.

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