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NBA playoff standings: Pistons remain No. 7 seed after Pacers' 20-point loss

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Thursday night was a night of Magic.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being eliminated from the playoffs themselves, the Orlando Magic played the role of spoiler on Thursday night. The Magic beat up the Pacers in Indiana by 20, 114-94. No thanks to Brandon Jennings (2-for-6 shooting) or Ersan Ilyasova (DNP), but Rodney Stuckey sucked so that helped.

The Pacers' loss means the Pistons go up a full game on Indy and remain in the No. 7 spot in the NBA playoff picture heading into Friday's games. Take a look at the standings now:

The one negative about Thursday night's games was that the Bulls won in comeback fashion against the Houston Rockets. That knocked the half game off their 2.5 game deficit.

Relevant Friday night's slate:

Mavericks at Pistons

Cavaliers at Hawks

Heat at Kings

Celtics at Warriors

Wizards at Suns


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