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Stanley Johnson: "No one is scared of playing against Durant" in Detroit

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It's still DETROIT VS. EVERYBODY. Johnson responds to shots levied at Reggie Jackson, Detroit organization by Thunder's Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant.

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While it might have been smarter to take the belated high road of teammate Reggie Jackson when asked to respond to criticisms levied by Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, if anybody was going to speak out you knew it was going to be Stanely Johnson.

The rookie spoke with reporters Friday and added fuel to the fire, and might have turned the budding rivalry between the Thunder and Pistons from a simmer to a boil.

"That's uncalled for. If he wanted to have an impact on the game he should have just played," Johnson said when asked to react to Durant's comments about Detroit, according to Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press.

He then upped the ante.

"No one is scared of playing against (Durant) on this side of town."

Uhhhh .... ohhhhhhh. I know what that calls for.

To back up, as if anybody has forgotten, this all started when Reggie Jackson celebrated a Pistons victory against the Thunder by taking a lap halfway around the Palace court with his arms raised pumping the crowd up.

Russell Westbrook called the behavior bullshit after the game, and the next day, Durant said that the move was "bush league." Durant and Serge Ibaka sat out the loss and when asked about sitting out he said, "We'd have beat the hell out of them if we (all played), you know."

Durant also said he wanted to play but, "It's Detroit. You know, who cares about Detroit?"

That set off a firestorm among Pistons fans and Johnson was having none of it.

"I think by saying that he disrespected our whole team," Johnson said. "Next year we have two games scheduled and I know for me it's circled on my schedule from now on."

"I just can't wait until we start making people respect us," Johnson said, according to the Detroit News. "As a blue-collar state that we are and how our team is built, we're ready for that."

To go back even further, it was Johnson on draft night who understood what being a Piston was all about.

"It's Detroit vs. everybody, so be ready to go."

Sounds like he's ready to go at the Thunder next year. It should be fun.