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Pistons post funny marketing video that says, 'You buy the tickets, we'll make the buckets'

Pistons say 'good job, good effort' to fan with a good video. Now go buy some tickets.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

This is very well played by the Detroit Pistons:

Nice airball, bro. Reminder: You bought that ticket here (or you got it from a rich friend). Keep doing you and we'll keep doing us.

By the way, this is somehow Steph Curry's fault, right? Dude just chucks it from way beyond the three-point line without even thinking about it and then looks back at his seat before he sees it all the way through. Cocky fan ruining the fan game. In the 90s, this fan would've attacked the rim and thrown a layup over the backboard and followed his shot straight to jail.

Now your thoughts.