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NBA playoff standings: Pistons to play Cavaliers

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With the Pacers winning on Tuesday and the Pistons losing, the Pistons will be the No. 8 seed and take on the No. 1 seed Cavaliers when the playoffs begin on Saturday, April 16.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Stan Van Gundy and the Pistons wanted the higher seed, but they will have to settle for the No. 8 seed in this year's NBA playoffs. The Pistons will travel to Cleveland this weekend and play the No. 1 Cavaliers at the Q. That's good news for the majority of 1,267 of us who voted preference to see the Cavs in the first round.

As you know, these playoff games will be the Pistons' first since 2009, when the fuliginous air of Joey D was just starting to choke out the franchise. The Pistons were swept by the LeBron James Cavs. Not a single player from that Pistons team is on this year's team that will take on a different LeBron James Cavs. Sweep or not, this team will build off the experience, not crumble for seven years.

These young Pistons took two of three from the team to beat in the East this season, and have one more meaningless game on Wednesday night to close out the regular season before the playoffs begin on Saturday, April 16. We'll update you as soon as we know the full details of the series schedule.

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