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Reggie Jackson injury a bit more concerning with playoffs around the corner

Jackson says he expects to be fine for the Pistons' first playoff series in seven years.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If Reggie Jackson continues to suffer from an abdominal strain, the Pistons' fight against Goliath will be a whole lot tougher.

Jackson missed Tuesday night's loss to the Miami Heat due to what the team called an abdominal strain, which Jackson apparently suffered during the morning shootaround. He went through his pre-game routine and still felt it, so the team held him out for obvious precautionary reasons -- with the Pistons already in the playoffs and not entirely in control of their own destiny for seeding, sitting Jackson made complete sense.

But, as Keith Langlois tweeted when it seems he first heard the news, abdominal strains -- any strains really -- can linger. The first tweet I saw about Jackson labeled him as doubtful due to "rest" so after I saw the abdominal strain news, I didn't really worry because I thought, well, nobody is truly 100-percent healthy at this point in the season and resting your starting point guard with the No. 7 seed still in play would probably get some fan backlash. It's probably a real "injury," but probably not one that forces him to miss a more important game, ever think about otherwise and thus, not one we should really be worried about.

However, it does now seem more legitimate than thought at first blush. The Pistons plan to re-sign Lorenzo Brown for the remainder of the season. Remember, Brown was signed to two 10-day contracts when the Pistons guards were ailing and the Pistons let him walk when they got healthy. Hopefully another precautionary move, and why not with an open roster spot, but it does make Jackson's abdominal strain seem a bit more... real.

"It's annoying," Jackson said after Wednesday's loss. "You feel good, you feel like you can get through whatever you're dealing with and you're going to be good. But once you get here, you go through your little pre-game routine and it's just not your night. I'm just hoping that I feel well tomorrow and just get back to playing basketball."

Jackson is listed as questionable for Wednesday night's regular season finale. Even if Jackson is able to play, the expectation is that his minutes will be limited anyway with the game meaning nothing. We'll keep you posted for the weekend.

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