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Pistons at Cavs final score: Pistons close regular season with a win, 112-110

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With starters for both teams sitting out in preparation for the playoffs, Pistons reserves win behind the three point shot.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

If you like watching players at the beginning or ends of their NBA careers playing big minutes, you would have loved this one.

And really, it was a hell of a fun game to end the season with, especially because the Pistons were able to squeak out a 112-110 victory in overtime. Detroit rested all five starters while Cleveland rested LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

Stan Van Gundy made a point of loading up on guys who can shoot from three in the offseason, and the Pistons backups knocked down a lot of them.

When you live and die by the three, it becomes a game of runs. The Pistons jumped out to double-digit leads, but the Cavs kept running it back. The Pistons looked like they had the Cavs put away, but Cleveland has that one guy that can put the team on his back to carry them to a win. That's right, Jordan McRae.

McRae made the most of his chance to get big minutes. He played 47 of them, scoring 35 points. His previous career high scoring game was 12 points. McRae carried the Cavs into overtime, and he nearly pulled off a second one, too. With the Pistons up three with 1.9 seconds remaining, McRae forced contact on a three-point attempt to earn a trip to the line. But he missed his first two, sealing the win for Detroit.

It's unlikely that anyone cared about this game more than Reggie Bullock and Stanley Johnson. The two are fighting for the final rotation spot. Bullock was playing great when filling in during Johnson's absence with a shoulder injury. Johnson took his spot back when he returned, but struggled for the better part of a month before Van Gundy started getting Bullock back on the court.

Tonight the two players had the chance to make their closing arguments before the playoffs. It was an argument won by Bullock.

The other Reggie played a career-high 38 minutes, putting up 15 points on 5-8 shooting (3-5 from three), 8 rebounds, and 4 assists. Stanley had 12 points on 4-14 shooting, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists. He also committed that foul on McRae to give a chance to extend the game to another overtime.

But it might have meant just as much for Jodie Meeks, playing in just his third game of the season and first since late October. He looked plenty healthy, playing 26 minutes and scoring 20 points including four treys. Joel Anthony was another face we haven't seen much of on the court this season - as usual, he was a difference maker on the defensive end, swatting eight shots.

Detroit finished the game with 16 three-point makes on 48 percent shooting from deep - tying a season high on three-pointers made. Their 11 blocks, led by Anthony, also tied a season high.

With that, the Pistons win their season series against the Cavs 3 games to 1. Hopefully, the playoffs go the same way.

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