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VIDEO: Detroit Basketball is BACK in the Playoffs

Want to get hyped for the Pistons' first playoff appearance in seven years? This highlight reel should get your blood pumping.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Basketball is BACK.

For real this time. As in, back in the playoffs.

[For those who want to watch the video without introduction, scroll to the bottom.]

Many DBB regulars likely remember that one stretch of delightful basketball we witnessed last season, and how I documented the forming of a bleeping wall for all to enjoy in video form.

For the past two seasons, I've been tirelessly watching every single game, combing the footage for the best highlights, in the hopes that one day, when they finally became relevant again, I'd be able to make a kickass video and share it with all you die hard Pistons fans... especially those of you who've suffered through the recent years of frustratingly horrible basketball.

Well, that day has finally arrived.

I've been making basketball videos since I first learned to edit in college. If you want a good laugh (after you've watched the new video a few dozen times), check out my first crack at editing music to basketball from my days at the University of Miami. You'll see a bunch of short white dudes dunking on 9-foot rims at a local elementary school with Welcome to the Jungle blaring in the background. You'll also see how damn pale I was (just look for the redhead with a bandanna).

This has been a hobby and passion of mine for about 20 years now. So it was an absolute joy to make a video celebrating the Detroit Pistons' return to relevance - and the NBA playoffs.

I tried to include all the most important and memorable moments and games, and doing so in a 5-minute video wasn't easy. A lot of good basketball was left on the cutting room floor, but what you see below is the best of the best. You see the dunks, threes, blocks, steals, buzzer-beaters, enthusiasm, joy, laughter... even a couple of hard fouls. When you watch this video, you'll see what Detroit Basketball means to thousands of loyal fans.

Most of you will probably not be familiar with the song (by Foals, an award-winning band from the UK), but by the end, you'll understand why I chose it. While the lyrics have nothing to do with basketball, the song is absolutely filled with passion and aggression - a release of the pent-up rage held by Pistons fans who've waited far too long to see their team play at such a high level. I hope this scores thousands of new fans for the band.

So without further ado, please enjoy the product of many months of planning and effort, not only by your loyal author, editor and fan, by also by your favorite team and players, without whom my talents and enthusiasm would go to waste.

Turn up the volume. Watch in HD.

Detroit Basketball is BACK. For real this time. In the playoffs.

[For the record, this is a fan-made video intended to promote the Detroit Pistons, NBA and affiliate networks. No financial or other profits will be sought or accepted by the creator of this video. All footage, logos and content are property of the NBA, Detroit Pistons and Fox Sports. Song: "What Went Down" by Foals | Warner Brothers Records]