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NBA Playoff Links: A look at the good and bad from Monday night's NBA playoffs

Boring and Charlie Villanueva don't have much in common. Links from Monday night's NBA action ahead!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2016 NBA first round playoffs roll on, let's take a look at some of the other teams and news from Monday night's action.

Mavericks players tweet out Crying Jordan memes and jokes after beating Thunder in Game 2 -- SBNation

That finish between the Mavs and Thunder was wild. Mavs guard, Raymond Felton, a career 79 percent free throw shooter, missed two free throws with the Mavs up one with seven seconds left in the game. The Thunder ran down and got a couple of close range shots up, missed them, and then Steven Adams got his tip try in the basket, but just a little late, like a few tenths of a second late. Series now even at one apiece.

Mavs third string center JaVale McGee then jumped on Twitter after the game and tweeted the below photoshop (author's comments are above the photoshop).

Charlie Villanueva says his pregame interruption of Westbrook-Payne routine wasn't on purpose (wink) -- Sports Day / Dallas News

Have a look for yourself below.

If you ask me, all a bunch of knuckleheads anyway. Rookie Cameron Payne needs to save his energy...he's on that dance grind too hard.

(Vine via @Royceyoung)

This is what Villanueva said after the game:

"I wanted to get invited to the party, but I didn't get no invitation," he said.

Exactly what did Villanueva mean by that comment? Did he or didn't he intentionally walk between Westbrook and Payne?

"They were in the wrong place at the wrong time," a smiling Villanueva said of Westbrook and Payne. "I was waiting for my teammates."

Villanueva said he didn't notice  Westbrook half-pushing him out of the way so that the routine could conclude.

"I was so locked into the zone, I wasn't paying attention," Villanueva said, adding, "I didn't know I was going to get interviewed. I played zero minutes."

For their part, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant proved to be just as salty and, well, dickish, as when Reggie Jackson got under their skin for celebrating too much after a win. About the Chunky Charlie confrontation, they said:

The Warriors Don't Even Need Steph Curry To Handle The Rockets -- DEADSPIN

Stephen Curry probably could chill for the rest of the Warriors-Rockets series. The Warriors are just so deep, versatile and talented (tell us something we don't already know, Prava!). And to be fair, the Rockets are generally a mess.

Across the aisle, Steph Curry's replacement Shaun Livingston slotted in ably and the Warriors were just as cohesive without Curry's intergalactic range. Golden State is as ruthless as anyone when they have a mismatch to exploit, and Livingston had an efficient 16 points on nine shots, many of which came off post-ups against the smaller Patrick Beverley.

But Livingston didn't even have to run the point all that much because Draymond Green is more than capable of keeping the Warriors humming. The most telling play was the last of the first half, where Green (ostensibly the power forward) tossed an alley-oop to Livingston (ostensibly the point guard). When the Rockets brought the game within three in the fourth quarter, Green helmed an easy 11-1 run, after which the Rockets fragile chemistry shattered and the Warriors got to coast home.

Shaq blasts James Harden: ‘He has no leadership skills' -- Larry Brown Sports

For three clips of some James Harden defensive wizardry, check out the link. Be amazed, folks. Cant disagree with what Shaq and the rest of the TNT halftime team said, no way.

Valanciunas the centre of attention as Raptors even series with Pacers -- Toronto Star

Valanciunas's production, plus 16 points from Cory Joseph and 14 from Patrick Patterson, helped the Raptors overcome another off-night from DeRozan, who had just 10 points on 5-for-18 shooting, sitting out the entire fourth quarter when Toronto pulled away.

Going along with DeMar DeRozan's struggles, Kyle Lowry didn't exactly light the word on fire in Game 2 either, shooting 4-13 (0-5 from deep) from the field.

Kevin Durant ties Michael Jordan for a really embarrassing playoff record -- CBS Sports

It's worth noting that Kevin Durant went 7-33 from the floor in the loss against the Mavs Monday night. If you've seen any of the "Saw" films and also like shot charts, check the above link for a visual.


Enjoy your day, all. Keep on keeping on!