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Reggie Jackson rocks 'Dirtroit' hat to presser after Game 1

Detroit Piston wearing a Detroit company's hat. Get your hands dirty.

Reggie Jackson loves repping Detroit, loved it before he even played in Detroit, and after Game 1 was no exception:

Jackson actually had to explain that this wasn't a diss to the city of Detroit.

"That's asinine. The thing on the (bottom) of the hat says, ‘Refusing to play fair,'" Jackson said. "It's a [Detroit] company. I liked it. It's a hat."

I guess I can see why some people might question it at first without knowing the Detroit company, The Dirt Label, because it's common for Detroit detractors to think it's clever to call it Detriot as an insult. But, c'mon, before you jump to pretty serious conclusions, you should stop and think. It'd be extremely stupid for the Detroit Pistons point guard to intentionally diss his team's (largest nearby) city like that. Not saying he can't be extremely stupid, but c'mon. C'mon! If you were caught thinking Reggie was dissing Detroit, maybe sit the next few plays out. If anything, make fun of the fact he's wearing it like he's Marvin the Martian or the Great Gazoo or Alex Torres.

Now your thoughts.