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Pistons Links: Pistons growth still taking time, elbows to LeBron could be costly

Hitting more baskets instead of hitting Cavaliers should prove beneficial to Pistons' chances of making this a series. Links ready below.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons face a 2-0 deficit heading back to The Palace for Game 3. In order to win this first round series they will need to beat the Cavs four out of five times. Unlikely, but doable. It's also unlikely that the Cavs drain 20 threes again (they tied a three-point record in Game 2).

Let's now get to some reading around the way.

Pistons still have plenty to learn vs. Cavaliers after Game 2 -- Detroit Free Press

Now remember. This is all just a bonus for the Pistons.

It's like binge watching a fascinating TV show, ending a series and then finding out there are extra episodes.

It's all good - no matter what happens.

"It's crucial for all of our guys' development," Van Gundy said, before the game. "The learning aspect of this is great, regardless of what happens. That I know. But that doesn't mean that that is what we are here for. We are trying to win games."

The Pistons are trying to win games, that is clear. They are playing hard and aren't backing down so far. Let's see if they have an extra gear of sorts at home.

I would like to note that many fans are going to be really, really quick to point out that the use of Steve Blake hampers the team's ability to win games in this series. They'll say that he's a barely passable regular season backup, but for postseason play he's not going to cut it. A couple years ago Blake would probably be fine; now, though, he's lost a step or two and the Cavs are able to feast on that and they know it.

What other options does Van Gundy have though? Make Stanley Johnson act as the point guard when Reggie is resting? Throw Spencer Dinwiddie into the fire? Can Jodie Meeks play the role and get the team into its offense? Those seem to be the only viable options now.

Sure, maybe Blake gets minutes in Game 3 and knocks down some treys, doesn't cough it up and doesn't allow himself to be a chair for the Cavs players to go around, which would be a lot to ask for. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble seeing Blake turn it around and it's likely that most people will agree.

As long as Blake is a Detroit Piston we, Pistons Nation, are all on his side, but it's going to take one heckuva impressive turn around by Blake in this series for fans to get off his back, but much more importantly, for Detroit to be more competitive when Reggie is resting.

Cavaliers considering asking for league review of Detroit Pistons' elbows on LeBron James as series gets chippy --

Here you go -- have fun with these blurbs below.

And there was Johnson, after he'd coughed up more than his share of James' game-high 27 points, saying silly things like: "I'm definitely in his head, that's for sure."

Johnson is certainly on James' mind. Front and center. With a bulls-eye on his back.

With 1:53 left in the first quarter, James hammered Johnson with his shoulder as the two were headed to their benches for a timeout.

"It was a cheap-(expletive) shot, a cheap-(expletive) bump," Johnson said. "I just wish he would talk when (the game) is 0-0, not when he's up 16."

Someone should tell Johnson that the Pistons were actually up nine at that point, or that James would score 14 of his 16 first-half points in the second quarter, mostly against Johnson.

"For me, like I always tell you guys, the game is played in between the four lines and everything outside that means absolutely nothing," James said.

Where this turns from a joke to something potentially serious is the fourth quarter. With about six minutes left and the Cavs ahead by 18, both Andre Drummond and Morris appeared to elbow James in his back and ribs.

Morris' elbow to the ribs seemed to hurt James worse; Drummond's elbow to the back looked intentional.

Here's the elbow shots from Andre and Marcus:

The Ideal Jersey Sponsors for Every Single NBA Team -- The Second City

Check them out!

The NBA announced last week that teams will soon be allowed to feature corporate logos on their jerseys. The logos will debut during the 2017-2018 season (the same year Nike takes over for Adidas as the league's official uniform provider). This means two things:

1. Companies can begin pitching teams for sponsorship...

2. I can save everyone the trouble by using Photoshop (and a little research) to find the perfect corporate sponsor for each team!

DBB meet up possibility at Michigan-Ohio border

A recent FanPost from fan count that baby and a foul:

Some of you know I opened my own restaurant last year and haven't been posting nearly as much.

If any of you are ever in the Bedford/Toledo area and want to meet up I'm there 24/7, although we're closed on Mondays I'm still there doing paper work, orders, payroll and all the like. Check us out on Facebook, or check out our webpage


Can't wait until Game 3. No series begins until the visiting team wins a game is what's often said. This series hopefully won't begin for a few more games then.