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Stan Van Gundy: 'I'm proud of them'

Stan Van Gundy speaks truth.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Stan Van Gundy expressed how proud he is of this Pistons team for the way they battled from start to finish against the No. 1 Cleveland Cavaliers:

I was not going to be surprised if the Pistons had a let-down game in Game 4 which is prone to happen to a lot of pro teams when they get themselves into insurmountable series holes and get there by losing some tough, close games. Nope, not these rising Pistons. As Van Gundy said, despite several Cavs runs in Game 4 that could've spelled the end for the Pistons season before the final horn, the Pistons kept battling and battling and battling. The final horn was not going to be a mere formality to signify the end; it would also take a final shot to fall short for it to really be the end.

I'm proud of this team, too.

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