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NBA says refs missed two calls that disadvantaged Cavs in final two minutes of Game 4


Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After Game 4, Reggie Jackson was critical of the NBA and its officials, indicating that they need to be held accountable for wrong calls like the players get slapped with fines for criticizing them.

For all we know, they are, and as DBBer Shags and others have astutely pointed out in the comments, the NBA reviews every single whistle or non-whistle that potentially could've been a whistle in the final two minutes and re-categorizes those plays as correct call, incorrect call, correct non-call or incorrect non-call.

Here is the report from Game 4. Two non-calls were labeled incorrect and both disadvantaged the Cavs.

Here is the first:

Q4 01:20.0 Foul: Personal Reggie Jackson LeBron James INC (incorrrect non-call)
LHH shows that Jackson (DET) hooks James's (CLE) arm and affects his RSBQ at the start of his spin move

And here is the second:

00:17.7 Foul: Personal Reggie Jackson Kyrie Irving INC
Jackson (DET) makes body contact with Irving (CLE) that affects his RSBQ.

RSBQ stands for Really Shaky Body Quivers, duh.

And here is what the NBA had to say on the non-call on the last play of the game:

Irving (CLE) maintains legal guarding position and makes no contact with Jackson (DET) as he initially reaches in for the steal. Jackson then initiates contact with Irving as he jumps sideways on his shot attempt.

Obviously this is a biased report, as the NBA will err predominantly on the side of correct call and correct non-call, but it's good that they do this, even if the wronged team doesn't get any recompense and the public doesn't see the discipline, if any, issued to the frequently wrong refs.

Do you agree with the NBA's Last two minute review here?