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Tom Gores, Dan Gilbert to team up to try to get Detroit an MLS team

Tom Gores, an infrequent tweeter, had a small Twitteraction with Dan Gilbert that seems to confirm the rumors.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Pistons owner Tom Gores and Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, the same team that just swept the Pistons out of the first round of the playoffs, appear to be teaming up in some capacity.

Gilbert is a native of Michigan and owns a lot of properties in Detroit. He has mentioned numerous times in the past how the Pistons are not the "Detroit" Pistons and that it would benefit them, and the city, to move from Auburn Hills to downtown Detroit. Well, two days after his Cavs knocked the Pistons out of the playoffs, Gilbert decided to tweet Tom Gores (don't get too excited, yet; it's not about basketball):

Hmm, wonder what team that is. Maybe the FlintNow team? Gores, who is not on Twitter very often (only 115 tweets), took time to respond only two minutes later.

"Kick around."  Hmm. Maybe an MLS team?

Vince Ellis wrote a story on it:


The plan includes building a soccer stadium at a still-to-be-determined site. A person with knowledge of the situation who is not authorized to speak publicly says that the abandoned Wayne County jail site on Gratiot near Greektown is the No. 1 option, although the site remains under county control.

Would they be co-owners?

Gores likely will lead soccer the franchise, according to the source. Gilbert likely will lead the procuring of the land, the development of the site and the building of the stadium. They are seeking investors to partner in the project.

Dang. This could be exciting for downtown Detroit.

Now back to your regularly scheduled after-lunch naps.