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Can the Pistons still host a 2016 NBA playoff series?

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Probably not, but it's still mathematically possible with five games to play.

Your face when...
Your face when...
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As JB showed us, the Pistons are currently in the No. 8 spot in the NBA playoff standings. Obviously making the playoffs is priority No. 1, but it's still a wonder what seed the Pistons wind up having when the playoffs start April 16.

The most likeliest of positions will be No. 8 or No. 7 and a first round match up with the Cleveland Cavaliers or Toronto Raptors. But, with all the talk about simply making the playoffs with five games to play, did you know there is still an outside, out-of-Stephen-Curry-range shot for them to be as good as a No. 3 seed and host a playoff series? Remember, the seeds are now determined strictly by overall record and not by division winners, allowing the Pistons to overtake even the winner of the Southeast Division.

Aside from simply stating that everyone needs to lose and the Pistons need to win out, here's the more dizzying scenario as to what would need to happen over the next two weeks (home teams in bold italics):

Tuesday, April 5:

Pistons beat Heat

Raptors beat Hornets

Suns beat Hawks

Grizzlies beat Bulls

Wednesday, April 6:

Pistons beat Magic (clinch playoff berth)

Cavs beat Pacers

Pelicans beat Celtics

Knicks beat Hornets

Thursday, April 7:

Raptors beat Hawks

Bulls beat Heat

Friday, April 8:

Nets beat Hornets

Magic beat Heat

Bucks beat Celtics

Pistons beat Wizards

Raptors beat Pacers

This is how the standings would look if all goes perfectly through Friday, April 8:

3. Hawks (45-34)

4. Celtics (45-34)

5. Heat (44-35)

6. Hornets (44-35)

7. Pistons (44-36)

8. Pacers (41- 38)

9. Bulls (40-39)

Saturday, April 9:

Celtics beat Hawks

Sunday, April 10:

Wizards beat Hornets

Magic beat Heat

Monday, April 11:

Cavs beat Hawks

Hornets beat Celtics (for now, because we could still win tiebreaker with Celtics)

Tuesday, April 12:

Pistons beat Heat

Updated standings through April 12:

3.  Celtics (46-35)

4-6. Hawks, Hornets, Pistons (45-36)

7.  Heat (44-37)

8. Pacers, Bulls or Wizards? I lost track. WHO CARES ABOUT THEM? (/Kevin Durant voice)

Wednesday, April 13:

Pistons beat Cavs

Heat beat Celtics

Magic beat Hornets

Wizards beat Hawks


3.  Pistons 46-36

4.  Celtics 46-36 (Pistons win tiebreaker based on better conference record)

5.  Heat 45-37  (Heat have tiebreaker over Hawks, who have tiebreaker over Hornets)

6.  Hawks 45-37

7.  Hornets 45-37

There are other scenarios in which the Pistons could wind up with the No. 4 seed and other positions could change, too. I only went through one of the possible scenarios for how I personally would like to see it shape up beyond simply wanting the Pistons to make the playoffs. Of course, if the Hawks win one of their remaining games, they're ahead of the Pistons because they have the tiebreaker. If the Celtics win two games, they're a game ahead of the Pistons.

I realize this is all volatile, based on each individual game's outcome and it's extremely unlikely that everything will fall perfectly into place for the Pistons to host a first round series, whether it'd be against the Hawks or Celtics (or any other team) as a No. 3 or No. 4 seed.  But a fan can dream, right?

This is how you can dream starting with Tuesday night's games.