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NBA links: Vince Carter still has game, reporters honor Craig Sager, and what is Gregg Popovich saying?

This is a Pistons news blog, right?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Pistons didn't show up for Tuesday's game in Miami (our Jamie Delaney compared the Pistons' effort to one you'd expect from a YMCA run), I'm going to take the opportunity to send around some worthwhile reads/vids not related (that much) to the Pistons. Enjoy!

Vince Carter is still kicking around

(Vine via Grace Baker)

Here's the full highlight video of Carter motor-boating all over the Bulls in the Grizzlies' win Tuesday night (thanks Grizz!), because what else would you call a 39-year-old, averaging 6.5 points a game (38% field goal shooting) in 16 minutes per game, doing whatever he wanted on the court. As of late though, Vince is heating up, hitting double figures in points several times.

And in case most of you don't follow the Memphis Grizzlies much or at all, they have a pretty good guard on their roster by the name of Xavier Munford. Since half the Grizzlies roster is out with injury, Munford was signed and has been a remedy for the club.

Reporters Around the NBA Honor Craig Sager by Emulating His Wardrobe -- BR

Definitely check it out. But no one comes close to Craig.

Did Pop tell Dwane Casey he thinks Toronto will make the Finals? -- Ball Don't Lie

Dan Devine writes:

Maybe we're seeing things, but to the amateur lip readers among us, it sure seems like during their postgame handshake, Pop leaned over to Casey and said, "I think you're gonna get to the Finals. I swear to God. No bulls***."

I like Gregg Popovich a lot, but he's full of bullshit here. The great thing is, Pop knows he's just bullshitting and he really doesn't care.

What do you all think?

(Vine via TheSpursZone)

Loss to T'Wolves a reminder of what's to come for Warriors -- CSNBayArea

You already heard/read that the T'Wolves beat the Warriors Tuesday night, right?

Well, that simplifies matters now, doesn't it?

No more fretting and fulminating about 73 wins any more. No more trying to invert the horse-cart relationship to fit preconceived narratives about the greatest team in the history of teams. No more asking old NBA players if they could turn back the clock and kick the Golden State Warriors' fictional buttocks - and while we're at it, aren't we do for Bob Ford of the Philadelphia Inquirer tracking down Fred Carter and asking him if the 1973 76ers (9-73) could beat these Warriors?

No, now we can get back to the harsh reality of actual life in this-here National Basketball Association. The Warriors need to beat the San Antonio Spurs Thursday to secure home court advantage through the postseason and then they can do whatever they want about 73 wins.

Oakland's Kay Felder declares for NBA draft, but can return -- Detroit Free Press

There is a new NCAA rule this year that gives players who declared for the draft until May 25 to pull out -- 10 days after the NBA combine is over, which gives any player considering the draft further reason to try out (as long as they don't hire an agent).

So Felder will enter the draft with a foot and a half -- the full two feet won't come until he signs with an agent, eliminating the possibility of a return -- but he understands the mentality is what matters most.

"Just the whole rule change, basically, that's my biggest thing," he said. "If I kill it and I hear good things, why not go all the way?"

That was the advice offered by friends in the NBA, especially the Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green, who told him if he declared for the draft, not to do anything halfway.

"He bumps heads with a lot of people, so I did some research myself," Felder said. "He said, 'If you're going to leave school, you have to kill it. You can't be thinking about what if I come back. Because you don't need to leave if you're thinking about returning.' I told him my reasons for what I'm doing and he said, 'Make sure you kill it, don't hold nothing back.'"

What do you local college hoops fans think about Felder? Does he have the talent to maybe be a Nate Robinson or Isaiah Thomas type? A super bulkier and slightly taller Earl Boykins type? I attended Oakland for a few years, so I'm on the Felder bandwagon already, but I need to know some more about his game and how it could translate to the NBA level.

Let us know what you think in the comments.